Heather Parkin

Fighting Inflammation like it’s my job! Here at Holistic Light Therapy I believe in helping you light up your life by achieving overall health and wellness through Light Therapy, clean eating, and a non-toxic lifestyle.

I was a National Makeup Artist for 22 years of my life. I like to think I lived a relatively healthy lifestyle, I watched what I ate, was a marathon runner, drank smoothies, soy lattes, and ate tofu like it was going outta style. Little did I know that my body was flooded with inflammation and I was suffering from mild Endometriosis. Between all of the soy, I was ingesting through my food and the toxic skin and makeup products that were seeping through my skin all day long, my body had such an overabundance of inflammation, that it was preventing me from getting pregnant.

I did not want to go the In Vitro route, or anything else that I knew would be harsh on my body, so I sought out alternative care. I started seeing this amazing kinesiologist, Dr. John Klimediotis who put me on a clean eating plan. No sugar, no dairy, no carbs, no fruit, no preservatives or additives. CLEAN all the way. Talk about eye opening. Here, I thought all these years, I ate ‘healthy’, little did I know that soy-being a false estrogen, was a females worst enemy. I dropped 15 pounds of inflammation weight and got pregnant a month later! This was only the beginning of my journey to living a holistic life.

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After I had my daughter, Simone, my immune system was extremely low. I suffered from adrenal fatigue like you couldn’t imagine, when I would get sick I’d be out for weeks at a time. Forget about working out, it just completely depleted the little energy I had left in my body. I was depressed because I was so tired all the time, I felt like I couldn’t be the mother I wanted to be. This had gone on for a couple of years. I had come to learn that I suffered from Epstein Barr, I remembered having an extremely bad case of Mono (yes the kissing disease) when I was younger but had no idea I was still affected by this. I learned that Epstein Barr can lay dormant in your body & lead to so many other diseases: MS, Hashimoto’s, certain cancers, chronic fatigue and more. I wanted it gone and out of my system! We only have one life on this Earth, and I wasn’t going to live it like this. I wanted to live the best life I knew I could! So, I decided to take matters into my own hands, I became my own Healthcare advocate and starting researching everything I could find that was natural & holistic. I was determined to feel better without prescription drugs.

During this period, my sister suffered a severe Traumatic Brain Injury, due to a terrible skiing accident (more on her story later). Six months after her accident, she was still on a lot of pain medication, seeing 6 different specialist and nothing was helping. She was then introduced to the Lights. It was through her, that I learned of this miraculous therapy and all of its wonderful benefits. This is what I have been searching for! It reduces inflammation, reduces pain, increases blood circulation, promotes cellular restoration, and stimulates collagen production! What?! And it's natural, side-effect free, and not to mention, that it gave my sister her life back. I wanted in! So it was... and my light journey began!

Fast forward to the present day, my life is LIT up!  I no longer suffer from chronic inflammation, Endometriosis, or Epstein Barr. I have been able to repair my body through Light Therapy, a clean diet, and non-toxic products. I stay far away from soy and other foods that cause inflammation. I am so thankful every day that I made a conscious decision to change my lifestyle, and that the Lights were brought into my life. When we open ourselves up to change, though it may be challenging at times, it is then that we can allow the Light in.

My hope is that you are open and looking for a change too. Holistic Light Therapy is a whole Lifestyle, it is a daily routine. This is a space for Light Therapy education, healthy recipes, non-toxic product recommendations, and inflammation-fighting techniques! Together we can be the change you are looking for.